How can I avoid my email account running out of space?

Email Account Running Out Of Space

Email Account Running Out Of SpaceYou will find that your email account running out of space, occurs most often with what we class as “small” email accounts, set up using the POP3 method.

POP3 means that when you check your email, the messages are downloaded to your computer and removed from our server, which means you need minimal storage space on our server, keeping your costs down. However, mobile phone and tablets won’t remove the messages from the server by default, as they are not ideal devices to be the sole storage location of all your emails.

We recommend regularly checking your email on a computer so that the software removes the downloaded messages from our server.
Alternative options would be…
Configure your phone and/or tablet to also remove downloaded messages from our server, with the higher risk of losing all of your emails.
Upgrade to a more modern email account with more storage space on the server, allowing your email to be set up using the IMAP method.

IMAP means your emails are stored on the server, allowing them to synchronise between the different devices you use to access your email. This will also eliminate the risk of losing your emails if your phone, tablet or computer stops working or is lost/stolen.

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