Almost 15 Years Experience

We've picked up a lot from working in this industry for almost 15 years and will most likely continue to pick up lots more as the years move on.

With almost 15 years experience, we’ve seen mistakes made that can have a big effect on your business. Some of the most common are listed below…

  • Leaving the location settings for your website as the default of English US, giving the search engines indication that your website is aimed at a US market.
  • Forgetting to turn the setting off that restricts search engines from listing your site, after the website has gone live.
  • Not considering search engines and website speed when adding images to the site.
  • Using 3rd party code to add functionality to your website, without considering the possible implications it could cause.
  • Hosting your website in a poor environment, with slow performance and high security risks, which can lead to bad search engine optimisation and loss of your entire website.
  • Not having any daily backup system in place, so that if anything happens to your website for any reason, you can restore things back to a previous day.
  • Weak passwords that allow full admin access to the website, which can easily be cracked and used to gain access to commit malicious acts.

During the early years we were guilty of making some of these mistakes, but we now have a comprehensive list of things to look out for, to make sure your online experience is hassle free.

Choose KWD IT and benefit from our experience, instead of finding yourself with these problems, whilst someone else learns about the issues we’re already avoiding.