Fair Prices

Our biggest issue with keeping our prices competitive, are companies outsourcing their work abroad, where the wage is a lot lower.

This often results in corners being cut that aren’t immediately noticed by the client.¬†We may not be the cheapest, but we definitely offer fair prices for the services we provide.

A Lot of Time Can be Saved by:

Not configuring crucial settings that are unique to your website
Not renaming or resizing images before uploading
Using 3rd party code to add functionality to your website, without considering the implications
Not thoroughly checking how the website displays across different devices.

Long term, this can lead to poor performance and difficulty maintaining your website.

What can seem like a good saving at the time, can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Here at KWD IT, we don’t just put a price to the name of a job. We detail every aspect of the work to be completed for the job, to make sure you know what to expect and that we keep up our end of the deal.

If you take into account everything we have to offer in our packages, we’re sure you’ll agree that our prices are more than fair.