Free Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for what?

Needing to do something on your website after it’s built, but not being able to remember the process explained during your training, or not having any budget left to pay for it to be done, is a bad position to find yourself in.

Our solution...

We want our clients to be able to continue working on their website and allow it to grow and change to suit their business. So, to help clients that find themselves in this awkward situation, we offer free video tutorials.

For example, if you’re trying to edit the text on a page of your website, but you can’t remember how to do it, we’ll send you a link to a video showing how to do this.

If we haven’t already created a video for a previous client showing how to do the required task, we will get you to send us the details of the change you require, carry out the work free of charge, and record a video tutorial whilst making your changes, which you and other clients can benefit from in the future.

Additional Information

We only create free video tutorials for tasks which can be done via the WordPress admin area, and can’t offer tutorials on custom coding or the use of any premium software that we use to build websites.

If you are still having trouble completing the task after following a video tutorial, we can complete the task for you after agreeing costs for the work required.