Free Video Tutorials

Free Video Tutorials for What?

It can feel like a rather daunting position when you need something on your website after the build. Perhaps you want to change your opening times, prices or need to update your customers on something new you offer. Not remembering the process following your training, or not having any budget to pay for changes, is frustrating.

Our solution...

We don’t want our clients to find themselves in this awkward position. We want our clients to have the freedom and confidence to continue working on their website following the build. As a result, we have been developing an efficient and Free way for You to make changes to your website…We offer Free Video Tutorials.

No need to pay for simple changes or be racking your brain for hours. You can learn the process, refer back when necessary, and grow your website to suit your business.

For example, say you forget how to edit the text on a page of your website, we’ll send a link to a video tutorial showing you how.

Don’t worry if we don’t already have a video showing you how to do the task you require. We have another Free solution for you! Send us the details of the change you require and we will carry out the work Free of charge. Whilst making your website changes, we will record a new video tutorial, which you and other clients can benefit from in the future.

Video Tutorials

Additional Information

We only create free video tutorials for tasks which can be done via the WordPress admin area. We cannot offer tutorials on custom coding or the use of any premium software that we use to build websites.

If you are still having trouble completing the task after following a video tutorial, we can complete the task for you after agreeing costs for the work required.