Free Website Updates

What are these free website updates, why do I need them, and why shouldn't I do them myself?

WordPress has become perhaps the most popular content management system in the world and powers around 25% of the entire internet. WordPress is versatile enough to meet any of your needs through its extensive add-on features, but it will require ongoing maintenance and updates, so why hot take advantage of KWD IT’s free website updates.

Popular content management systems such as WordPress and the code used to provide this functionality occasionally has bugs in it, which could allow a hacker to take control of your website. So working on the same principle as updating the security on your computer the same would apply to your web software.

The network of WordPress developers are continually amending their code and releasing updates to limit the potential security issues. Therefore to reduce the chances of your website being compromised it’s important to keep its core framework and any add-ons up to date.

These updates will occasionally cause your website database to become corrupted, so it’s essential to back up your database prior to any updates, but this is not a job for a novice.

Backing up the database, updating the code, and checking the site is functioning correctly is time-consuming, particularly with the possibility of having to restore the website from the backup.

WordPress releases around 3 major updates per year, which we would recommend instigating to maintain optimum functionality of the website. As long as these updates are instigated, the future security updates are installed automatically.

Plugin updates are released almost daily and we are unable to offer a daily plugin update service for free. Most of the major plugins have an option to turn on automatic security updates, which we use. All of the other plugins get updated when we instigate the major WordPress updates.

How can I get these updates carried out free of charge?

To help businesses that struggle to afford essential updates, we offer a scheme where in exchange for reviews of our services and activity on our social media pages, we will carry out the free website updates.

To start things off, please follow us on all of the social media sites that you currently use… Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube.

You would be expected to leave us a review each time we carry out updates, which would be about 3 times per year. The reviews need to be posted on Google or our Facebook page and can be about the various services we have provided. We will copy these reviews and place them on our website. You would also be expected to share at least one Facebook or LinkedIn post per month.

We really appreciate regular likes of our Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube posts.

A support fee can be arranged, if you would prefer to just pay for the updates to be carried out.

Additional Information

Your website might use premium plugins that require an annual licence to be renewed. If this is the case, you will be required to keep your licences updated, so that we are able to access the latest updates for your website.