Competition Winner – The Case Study

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Competition Winner…Jenny Bevan of Contentment Sleep Coaching!

With the launch of, we thought we would look back on the journey with our Competition Winner.

September 2017

KWD-IT rebranded in September last year. With our designer Natalie on board full time, we were ready to launch our new website. We set out meeting local businesses that may be interested in an affordable responsive website.

Regularly attending networking meetings such as Socially Shared, Small Business Connect Up as well as various Business Forums, we promoted our new brand locally.

It was at one of this meetings that Laura, our Communications Manager, met with Jenny Bevan. Jenny was training at the time, yet she was keen to tell the group about her new business and her plans for a website in the near future.

December 2017

To run alongside networking meetings, our Designer and Comms Manager took to social media to promote KWD-IT, the brand. As part of our promotion, we wanted to promote some of the wonderful local businesses that we conversed with over the last couple of months. And so sparked an idea….with Christmas fast approaching we thought that a competition offering a half-price ticket would be just the ticket.

We asked some local businesses to help us with a little video, incorporating the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. Take a look at the video HERE.

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Jenny was following us on social media and took part in our Competition.

Of those that took part, Jenny was the only entree that got the correct answer, and so she was the clear Winner!

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A New Year – A New Website

With a competition deadline in June 2018, we set to work. For starters, we sent our competition winner to our Pre-Website Questionnaire. This gives the team a better understanding of the business and where to start. Meanwhile, we asked Jenny to have a look at Our Work page and let us know of any design ideas she might have.

Laura, our Communications Manager, was keen to be as flexible as possible to accommodate Jenny on her communication preferences. With Jenny’s busy lifestyle, her preference was to keep up to date via email. The project ran very smoothly due to consistent email communication. Laura kept the team and Jenny up to date at all times without any confusion.

Jenny answered all our queries but wasn’t sure on the design. Considering the project was running so smoothly, our Designer Natalie, took some additional time to create a mockup of how the website might look.

January 2017

Jenny was really pleased with the design ideas and had positive feedback from those she shared it with. At this point, Laura and Jenny scheduled a phone meeting. This gave Laura the opportunity to explain the process in detail. Laura explained that Jenny would need to send through her logo, content and final sections of the website.

February – April 2017

As Jenny had approved the basic layout, our Developer Kirk began building the back-end of the website. While Kirk was happy coding, Natalie sourced and edited images that may represent Jenny’s business and services.

May 2017

With the New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforceable by 25th May, all businesses have been finding their way through the maze. GDPR compliance requires the updating of your mailing lists and policies, including Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Cookie Policy. If you need help on making your business GDPR compliant, check out our support pages HERE.

June 2017

Jenny sent through all her content in June and it was uploaded to the website. Natalie uploaded the images ready for Jenny to preview. Jenny’s feedback was vital to steer our designer to source the best images to suit the business. Natalie was keen to advise on what images were conducive to responsive display. It is vital to consider how your images look different on different displays, especially slider images. The feature of the image is best placed in the centre of the image, as smaller displays like mobile phones, will crop the image.

Natalie replaced, edited, resized and optimised the new images ready to upload. Kirk completed the code which formalises the styling and the website was ready.

July 2017

We advised Jenny to strongly consider her GDPR Policies before she launched her website. Jenny took our advice seriously and got to work on GDPR. Jenny was looking to launch her website in August, ready for her workshops to start in September.

August 2017

Website Launched!

Jenny was really pleased with her new website and had this to say about the team…”Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism. It’s no word of a lie that this would never have happened without Laura and Kirk! And of course Nat.”

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