Have your Dropbox website backups stopped working?

Dropbox Website Backups

Dropbox Website BackupsDoes your WordPress website use a plugin, that backs your site up to a Dropbox account?
If so, there’s a chance your Dropbox website backups may have stopped working last week, if your plugin hasn’t been updated in a while.

Here at KWD IT, we use BackWPup and we choose to store our backups using Dropbox.

Dropbox have been phasing out Version 1 of their API over the last year and developers have had to update their code to work with Version 2. Last week, they turned off Version 1 of their API and anything that was still using it, will no longer work.

If you don’t have any support agreement in place, there’s a good chance your website isn’t getting updated and you could find that you no longer have daily backups taking place.

With KWD IT, you can even get your WordPress updates carried out for free.

Get in touch now to find out more and we can make sure your website is getting backed up correctly.

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