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Facebook - Website in a Week - The Case Study - Domestic Fit

Want to Know How You Can Have an Affordable, Responsive and Modern Website in a Week?

With the launch of our latest project, we thought we would share the story of building a website in a week.

Domestic Fit contacted KWD-IT at the start of last week to ask for a website. Domestic Fit have been meaning to invest in a website for a while, but due to a heavy workload, have been unable to prioritise getting the business online.

Previously based in Warwick, local clients have been keeping Domestic Fit extremely busy. However, since the business owner has relocated to Solihull, they are looking to expand their business into Birmingham.

Day 1

Domestic Fit contacted the KWD-IT team to inquire about the costs and processes involved in having a website. Domestic Fit explained that they were intrigued by our Advertising Package from as little as £750.

You can check out our packages HERE.

Our Communications Manager directed Domestic Fit to view some of our recent projects, such as the new Contentment Coaching Website. Viewing Our Work page gives an idea of what can be expected from the design. Laura explained that timescales are often dependant on how quickly content is provided. However, the team would be happy to accommodate a strict deadline and prioritise their website.

Day 2

Domestic Fit was impressed with the Services at KWD-IT and how quickly they were willing to get the website live. Domestic Fit was keen to provide all their content, gallery images and specify what sections they would need on the website. With the go-ahead, Kirk began the basis of the build.

Day 3

Laura and Natalie had a meeting in the morning and passed the layout and design to Kirk, the Developer. Kirk began the styling of the website and integrating a contact form on the contact page. Laura contacted Domestic Fit to discuss the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) enforceable from May this year. Laura explained that our website offers advice in our Support Section on how to deal with GDPR. Domestic Fit enquired if KWD-IT would accept an additional fee to handle the requirements relating to their new website. The KWD-IT team were happy to oblige.

Day 4

With Kirk busy developing the website, the images were sized, optimised and uploaded to the site.

Day 5

The KWD-IT team were ready to present Domestic Fit with the website and get their feedback. Here is what they had to say…

“I can honestly say it has surpassed my expectations and I’m really pleased with the finished product.”

Day 6

With a happy client, it was time to put the final touches on the website and finalise the images. Following a final meeting to discuss any loose ends regarding GDPR, we were ready!

Day 7

From Build to Launch…Website in a Week!

Following the launch of the website, Domestic Fit contacted the team to say…

“I really am impressed with the fantastic and speedy service from you. Both the technical and communication aspects were very professional and I will definitely be recommending you. Thanks again.”

Website in a Week - Case Study - Domestic Fit
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