Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation helps customers find your business, and optimises their experience. Part of the process involves linking up tools to track the usage of visitors to your website, so that you can also get useful insights into how people use your website.

We build our websites with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, so some of the major factors in your search engine rankings, will have already been catered for during the build.

We believe that every website should have what we consider to be basic search engine optimisation carried out. Without it, you might not even get listed in the search engines, and won’t have any way of tracking how visitors are using your website.

Without investing too much more, it’s possible to take your search engine optimisation to the next level, with what we consider to be advanced search engine optimisation. If you want to take things even further, we’d recommend Google AdWords.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation From £60

With our basic search engine optimisation, we will create a title and description used for the advert that will appear in Google searches. This will be focused around your company name, but also include the main service offered by your business. We will generate a sitemap, used to submit the pages of your website to Google, and we will also set up Google Analytics, which is used to track visitors to your website. If you had a previous website, we will set up redirects for the main pages of your old site, so that visitors are redirected to the equivalent page on your new website.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation £60 / Page

To take advantage of our Advanced Search Engine Optimisation package, you will be required to have already purchased our Basic Search Engine Optimisation package. With this package, we will create titles and descriptions for your other main pages, focusing on getting results for more detailed services you are offering. We will also carry out advanced work towards optimising your sites speed, which will improve the user experience, and in turn, improve your search engine rankings.

Google AdWords from £225

To get the most out of Google AdWords, you need to invest a reasonable daily advertising budget, and also have someone on board to manage your campaign. To avoid wasting your advertising budget, it’s essential to regularly review the statistics available, and fine tune your campaigns comprehensive settings based on these results. If carried out correctly, it’s not the amount you’re spending that you’ll need to worry about. More so, whether your business is geared up for the number of inquires it will receive, and that your business is capable of converting the inquires into sales. Find out more about Google AdWords here.

Additional Information

The content within your website and your social media presence, play a huge part in your search engine optimisation. Please see our Copy Writing page and Social Media page for more information.