Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows you to create various different types of advertising campaigns, but the information on this page, is going to focus around setting up an advertising campaign for the sponsored text adverts, displayed at the top and side of Google search results.

Google AdWords

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With Google AdWords, the first thing you’ll need is a landing page. A landing page, is the page that someone will see, when they click on one of your adverts. This page needs to be omtimised for conversions, such as making sure the phone number is easy to spot and that there is at least one form on the page for users to send you information, allowing you to capture a lead.

The content on the page needs to be relevant to the wording of your adverts, so you may need to have more than one landing page, if you are targeting more than one service or area. This is normally dealt with during the management of the campaign though, so one landing page is a good starting point.

We can either optimise an existing page of your website or create a new landing page all together.

To start things off, we’d have a meeting to discuss the following:
1) The main service to focus on? (Additional services are charged separately)
2) Your target audience.
3) Your daily advertising budget.
4) Information that we can use for your advert extensions

Some examples of advert extensions are:
Callout – Key selling points, which can help make you stand out from the competition.
Message – A mobile number, which can be used to receive messages directly from your adverts, when displayed on a mobile device.
Reviews – Any 3rd party websites, that have reviews about your business.
Sitelink – A list of up to 3 other pages on your website, which contain relevant information to the main service that you are focussing your campaign on.
Structured Snippet – A list of up to 3 services that you offer, which relate to the main service that you are focusing your campaign on.

Once we’ve been provided all the information that we need, we’ll set the campaign up and implement conversion tracking, so that we can record when someone calls you or sends you information via a form.

You might want to target more than one service right from the start. The reason we’ve seperated additional services, is so that we can have a fixed campaign price. If you want to target more than one service right from the start, you will need to pay the Campaign Setup fee, along with the Target Additional Services fee, multiplied by the number of additional services that you would like to target. Alternatively, you can target additional services at a later date, during any stage of your campaign.

The process for targetting an additional service is:
1. Discuss the additional service to focus on.
2. Research keywords and configure keyword rules, relevant to the chosen service.
3. Create an Ad Group with relevant keyword rules to the chosen service.
4. Research competitor adverts and landing pages for the chosen keyword rules.
5. Include relevant content on a generic Landing Page or duplicate an existing Landing Page and adjust content accordingly.
6. Create 3 adverts, relevant to the chosen service.

We recommend having around 3 pages of relevant content, which can be linked to in your adverts. This is in addition to the primary link for the advert, which will be your landing page. By doing so, you will improve the appeal for someone to click your advert, which is one of the main goals when running a campaign.

The content needs to be relevant to the service your Ad Group is focusing on. It’s therefore possible to use the same Site Links across multiple Ad Groups, as long as the Site Links are relevant to the various services, which your Ad Groups are focussing on.

You may already have pages on your website, which can be used for Site Links. If you don’t and you would like us to generate some, the process is as follows:
1. Discuss the content that could be used on the Site Link page.
2. You provide a draft copy of the content you would like on the page.
3. We improve and optimise the content where possible.
4. We duplicate an existing Landing Page and adjust the content accordingly.
5. We implement the Site Link extensions into the relevant Ad Groups.

Once your campaign is up and running, settings will need to be changed within your account, based on the actions of people searching on Google. It’s also likely that you will want to see some of the most important statistics from your campaign, such as Clicks, Costs, Enquiries and Calls etc.

We therefore carry out the following tasks on a daily basis:
1. Update the statistics spreadsheet with latest data… Clicks, Cost, Enquiries, Calls etc.
2. Remove Keywords with Low Search Volume.
3. Temporarily pause “Rarely Shown” keywords, due to low quality score.
4. Action Opportunities within the AdWords Account.
5. Process the Search Terms that have been triggered since the last check and discuss any unclear Search Term with the client, where necessary.

We can schedule a meeting with a Google expert, to discuss and implement improvements to the campaign, based on Google’s recommendations.

We can schedule a meeting with you, to discuss the performance of the campaign and action any requests you may have.

Advanced campaign improvements can really help optimise the number of enquiries you will receive, in relation to the amount you’re spending on your advertising budget.

The number of tasks we carry out during these advanced campaign improvements, can change to suit your budget, which is why we’ve broken them down into Basic, Standard and Pro packages.

Ad Group Analysis and Tracking…
1. Review Keywords.
2. Optimise and Merge Ad Groups where necessary.
3. Review Keyword Quality Scores.
1 Ad Group (Basic)
3 Ad Groups (Standard)
5 Ad Groups (Pro)

Advert Performance Optimisation…
1. Review the advert performance.
2. Create a new advert.
3. Record the benchmark statistics.
4. Monitor the advert performance.
5. Record the new statistics.
Averaging 8 Advert Tests (Basic)
Averaging 16 Advert Tests (Standard)
Averaging 32 Advert Tests (Pro)

Landing Page Exerience Optimisation…
1. Review the Landing Page Exerience.
2. Create a new Landing Page.
3. Create new adverts for the new Landing Page.
4. Record the benchmark statistics.
5. Monitor the Landing Page Exerience.
6. Record the new statistics.
Optimise Landing Page every 2 months (Basic)
Optimise Landing Page monthly (Standard)
Optimise Landing Page x 2 monthly (Pro)


Landing Page Development (Optional)… £450

Campaign Setup… £225

Target Additional Services (Optional)… £105 Per Service

Generating Pages for Site Link Advert Extensions (Optional)… £75 / Page

Analysis and Maintenance (Optional)… £225 / Month

Google Expert Advice (Optional)… £30 / Meeting (Recommended monthly)

Client Update Meeting (Optional)… £30 / Meeting (Recommended monthly)

Advanced Campaign Improvements (Optional)…
£195 / Month (Basic)
£390 / Month (Standard)
£765 / Month (Pro)