Social Media

Social Media

Social Media can be a great way of helping people find your business in a variety of ways. Facebook is probably one of the most obvious, but Google Plus can often be even more beneficial.

You may have noticed that when you carry out a search in Google, if you include a location, you are often presented with Google Map listings at the top of the search results, with each result labelled A, B, C etc. The best way to climb these results, is to get a Google Plus social media page set up, encourage reviews from your customers, and regularly post content to your page. This can be an essential tool if you are focusing on local business, which many small companies are.

Facebook is also a great tool, because not only can you set up a business page, and encourage people to like your page and follow your activity, but they also have a paid advertising system in place. Unlike Google AdWords, Facebook allows you to target a specific type of person, which really helps get you in front of the right people. It’s also more commonly used to advertise just at specific times, whereas Google AdWords works better with consistent advertising. Facebook is therefore great for anyone ready to try out paid advertising, without having to commit to a long term spend.

Whether it’s; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or one of the many other social media platforms you’re using for your marketing needs, it’s likely you’ll need some assistance with creating artwork for your pages, so that your brand is displayed in the best possible way.

Prices for social media related services are as follows...

Google Plus Business Page Setup… £50
Facebook Business Page Setup… £50

Facebook Advertising Setup… from £50
Facebook Campaign Monitoring… from £50/month
Facebook Recommended Minimum Advertising Budget… £50 / month

Social Media Artwork…
For us to produce social media artwork, we will need you to provide a logo. See our Branding page for more information.
Regardless of which social media platform you need artwork producing for, we have a fixed rate and offer discount for additional platforms…
First Social Media Platform… £50
Second Social Media Platform…. £40
Additional Social Media Platforms…. £30 / each