Communication Expectations

Communication Expectations

Here at KWD IT, we’re not the biggest fans of telephone communication, as we’re a small team that prioritises focusing on the projects in hand. Before you consider working with KWD IT, we suggest you check out the level of communication that you can expect from us and see if it satisfies your requirements.

Email Support

We keep a regular eye on emails and anything urgent will have a response straight away. We also aim to answer all other emails within one day. In fact, even the most trivial requests should get a response within a week. There are no additional costs are for email communication, although any work that results from the email communication would be chargeable. Read more about our email support here.

Phone Support

Overall, the amount of telephone support required from one client to the next, varies considerably. We’ve therefore decided to charge this as an extra, instead of building it into the cost. We round up all telephone support to the nearest 30 minutes. Each 30 minute slot will be billed at £15. Read more about our telephone support here.

Face to Face Meetings

An initial meeting will take place at the start of the project and will be covered by the costs associated with the work discussed. We will charge any additional face to face meetings based on who needs to attend, the duration of the meeting and travel costs incurred.