Work Flow

Work Flow

Here at KWD IT, we like you to familiarise yourself with our Work Flow, to ensure that our way of working meets your needs.

By familiarising yourself with the Work Flow, and following each stage, we ensure that we keep costs to a minimum. We want to be clear that we focus on new WordPress websites and rarely pick up existing work. We’ve written an article, Can You Help With My Existing Website?, explaining why we limit the amount of work we take on in relation to an existing project. If you would like help with an existing WordPress website, we recommend WP Buffs.

Stage 1 – Get a Quotation

First things first, take a look at our Web Design page. This page gives you ball park figures on the three main types of website. Also, you can review other potential costs on our Web Design page, to make sure there are no surprises down the line.

In addition, we think it’s important that you’re aware of the level of communication you can expect from KWD IT. Please take a look at our Communication Expectations page and read through the rest of this Work Flow page.

To be able to provide an accurate quotation, it’s important that we know what you want in your website. Therefore, it’s best to give this some serious thought before the work flow progresses. Once you decide what pages you want, and the elements on each page, it’s time to arrange a meeting. At the meeting we’ll work through our Website Costs Estimation Tool based on your project brief.

You may need to consider excluding certain elements to fit within your budget. In addition, you may also want to consider a wish list, in case things are cheaper than you are expecting and you want to add some extras. By doing this, we can most likely agree a final quotation within the initial meeting.
Alternatively, you can email changes over at a later date and we’ll send an adjusted quotation.

Once you email us to accept the quotation, we consider this as a written contract of agreement. We then progress on to Stage 2.

Time Scales – We aim to schedule a meeting within 1 week of you confirming that you’ve read, understood and agree with the potential costs outlined on our Web Design page; the information on our Communication Expectations page; and the information on this Work Flow page.

Stage 2 – Gathering Your Content

Whilst gathering the content together for your website, it’s common for you to want to change things. This can result in wasted time and unexpected extra costs at the end of the project. We therefore insist that you get all your content together before we progress with the work flow. This way of working ensures maximum lifespan on the code used to create your website with the latest server software.

Based on your quotation, you’ll receive a “Content Required” email detailing everything we need from you. This will typically include a copy of your logo; the text content you want on your website; and some images of your work.

If you change your mind at this stage, email us the changes and we’ll send a revised quotation for approval. Once approved, we’ll progress back to Stage 2 again and send an updated “Content Required” email. This change to the quotation will not incur any extra charges. However, any additional changes to the quotation, beyond this stage, will incur a £30 administration charge per change request. Therefore, it is best to consider all potential changes before contacting us. If anything else crops up, it’s probably worth revisiting it as an extra job, after completion of the website.

Only once you provide everything we require, will we progress to Stage 3.

Time Scales – We’ll aim to send the “Content Required” email within 1 day of getting approval of a quote. However, at busier times, this may take up to a week. The same applies to an adjustment of a quotation and a resend of the “Content Required” email.

Stage 3 – The Design

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on the design, please make us aware of them before this stage commences.

Based on your quotation and content provided, we’ll send you a design. This design will demonstrate how your website will look on both mobile and desktop devices.

As long as the design takes your previous suggestions in to consideration, you’ll have the opportunity to make some minor amendments, such as: colours, spacing, font sizes etc. Any additional changes will incur extra costs based on 50% of the original cost for the area being changed.

Only once we receive an email confirming you’re happy with the design, and would like us to progress with the build, will we move on to Stage 4.

Time Scales – The time involved with the design will vary depending on the amount of work you’ve requested. To get an idea of time scales for the Design Stage, enter the total quotation cost for your project below. Note: Use a numerical value, with no commas or £ symbols.

The estimated time scale for the design work is...

Stage 4 – The Build

Based on your approved design, we will start to produce the code that creates your website on a development URL. For example;

Any changes at this point will incur a £30 administration fee. Plus, any costs associated with the change(s) being made.

We only progress once we receive an email confirming that you are happy with the website on a development URL. Your confirmation email needs to state that you would like your site live, then we can progress to Stage 5.

Time Scales – The time involved with the build will vary depending on the amount of work you’ve requested. To get an idea of time scales for the Build Stage, enter the total quotation cost for your project below. Note: Use a numerical value, with no commas or £ symbols.

The estimated time scale for the build work is...

Stage 5 – Going Live

First of all, we copy the website files and database associated with your development URL to your live domain name. For example;

We then set up Optimisation, Security, Backup, Update and Reporting tools.

If requested, we’ll carry out any initial SEO work and 301 Redirects.

As you can see from above, it’s not just a case of flicking a switch and you can read our Is my New Website ready to…Go Live? article for more information.

Time Scales – We aim to put your website live within a few working days of receiving your confirmation email. Sometimes a client requires a lot of 301 redirects for pages indexed by Google on your old website. In these circumstances, we will require more time available. Either way, we wouldn’t expect you to have to wait more than one week of giving us the go ahead. Advanced On-Page SEO and Copy Writing is ongoing work. You should contact us to discuss ongoing time scales for this area of work.