Daily Website Backups

It's very important to have regular backups of your website files and database, encase you need to revert back to a previous date for any reason.

Daily website backups are essential. There are various reasons you might want to revert back to a previous date. For example; your website may have been hacked, an update may have broken your website, you may have accidentally caused problems with the website yourself, whilst working in the administration area.

Although we have a copy of your website files and database from when the website went live or when we last worked on it, it’s unlikely these will be up to date. This is because the files and data get changed on the live site, either via the administration area, or via the actions of the visitors on your website, particularly e-commerce websites.

Pretty much every web server gets backed up daily, but this isn’t much use if the problem is just with your website, because restoring a server backup would effect all the websites hosted by that server.

We configure a plugin on each website, which on a daily basis backs up files you’ve uploaded and the websites database. This plugin then copies the backup to a Dropbox account and is configured to keep 15 days worth of backups for each website, so there are plenty of options to revert back to.