Fixed Live Migration Fee

If you are hosting your website with KWD IT, we charge a low fixed fee for the time taken to migrate your website from the development area to the live web address.

We are familiar with our hosting environment and are confident that the live migration will go smoothly. This allows us to cater for this time in the cost of building your website, which is why we can offer the fixed live migration fee.

Your website will have been built on our server, which means if we continue to host it on our server when the website goes live, it’s highly unlikely there will be any problems.

If we move the website to a different hosting environment, we can come across problems that are out of our control, and it’s not possible for us to factor in the time it will take to overcome these potential issues. The issues are often down to the server not being configured with the optimum settings, which results in additional costs for our time diagnosing the problems, as well as a website which doesn’t run to the best of it’s ability.