High Performance Server

A website that takes a long time to load is not only annoying for the person using it, but it also means you will appear further down in search results.

The reason a slow loading website appears further down in search results, is precisely because it’s annoying for the person using it. The search engines want to provide their users with websites that perform well. It’s therefore essential to host your website on a high performance server.

As well as the frustration of having to wait a long time as you navigate around a website. Moreover, many users get bored waiting and simply leave your website to check out a competitor.

As well as affecting visitors, it is also very time consuming for you or your developer to make changes. When hosting your website on a low performance server, it takes considerably longer to make changes via the administration area.

Many of the large companies, promoting budget hosting packages, are the most likely to overload a server. Overloading a server with too many websites, results in poor performance. Most of their customers just think ‘that’s the way it is…’. Customers don’t realise their competitors are above them in search results, due to loading as little as a 1 second faster.

We recognise that anything slowing down our work flow, is an insufficient way of running our business. We work extensively in the administration area of our clients websites and on our server in general. As a result, you can be assured that the minute we notice any sort of drop in performance, we are immediately sourcing a higher spec server to host our websites on.