Minimal Downtime

Most people just assume that when they host a website, it will just be available all the time and really it should be.

We currently maintain an up-time rate of between 99.81% and 100%. Occasionally we have to restart our server, which is why it’s not just 100%. However, we schedule the restart for the early hours of the morning. We will always aim to reduce disruption as much as possible and maintain minimal downtime.

We assign monitoring tools to every website. This is so that if a website goes down, we receive an email alert, and can investigate straight away. As a result, maintaining our minimal downtime standards. The most common reason for a website going down is clients forgetting to renew their domain. We offer to handle your domain renewal for you. However, when choosing to handle the domain yourself, you must ensure your payment card information is up to date and you keep an eye on reminder emails.

When using our monitoring tools on websites hosted elsewhere, we are in amazement at the amount of times per day that a website becomes inaccessible. At this point the visitor receives an error message when landing on your website. We find this is most common with the larger web hosting companies, and believe it’s due to too many websites being hosted on a single server. At peak times, too much traffic causes none of the websites to work. It’s concerning to think that a website might not display during peak times, due to too much traffic. This is precisely the time you need your website to be working at it’s best.