Frequently Asked Questions

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Preparation for Pointing a Website to a Different Server

When you need to point your website to a different server, some preparation will help make the process run smoothly.... Read more »

What decisions need to be made for an eCommerce website?

Every e-commerce store owner needs to consider a variety of options. Tax, Shipping and Payment options can effect the cost... Read more »

Does My Website Need a Privacy Policy Page?

You are required to have a Privacy Policy page on your website if you are gathering user’s personal data in… Read more »

Does My Website Need a Cookie Policy Page?

You are required to have a Cookie Policy notice on your website unless your website exclusively targets non-EU audiences. For further… Read more »

Does my website need a Terms and Conditions page?

There is no legal requirement to have a Terms and Conditions page on your website, but having one could limit… Read more »

Does my website need a Disclaimer page?

It’s not compulsory to have a Disclaimer page on your website, but it’s often advised. You can see some examples… Read more »

Can You Help With My Existing Website?

When asked if we can help with an existing website, there is no short answer. It depends what you would... Read more »

How Should I Prepare Images for My Online Shop?

Follow this guide on how to prepare images for your online shop, and avoid parts of your product images getting... Read more »

How do I setup email on my phone?

When trying to setup email on your phone, the process depends on who your email is hosted with and what... Read more »

Is my website mobile friendly?

You’re probably asking yourself "Is my website mobile friendly?", because you’ve heard that Google has started to prioritise mobile-friendly websites... Read more »

How can I avoid my email account running out of space?

You will find that your email account running out of space, occurs most often with what we class as “small”... Read more »

How can I control SPAM?

The information on this page covers the steps you can take to control SPAM and how to make the changes.... Read more »