Understanding SEO Content

Understanding SEO content is important if you’d like to make changes to your website. Without this knowledge, changes could be detrimental to your search engine optimisation.

Let’s say you have a page on your website, which you’d like people to find in the search engines. The first thing to consider, is what phrase would you expect someone to enter into the search engine. There’s a good chance that you’re considering a few phrases. It’s often best to use a keyword research tool, to find the phrase that people are searching for the most.

Once you’ve decided on the main key phrase that your web page will target, there are some requirements to meet. There are quite a lot of requirements, so they’ve been broken up into Essential Requirements and Further Requirements, as outlined below.

Understanding SEO Content Essential Requirements

Understanding SEO Content Further Requirements


If you’re adding your own content, you should try and meet these requirements. If you’ve paid an SEO specialist to meet these requirements for you, you should be very careful who you give access to edit your content. The slightest change can undo hours of hard work and really damage your search engine rankings. Take a look at KWD IT’s WordPress Search Engine Marketing page, for our available packages and consider letting the experts manage your content.