WordPress Theme Development

The Benefits

Check out the benefits of getting KWD IT to take care of your custom WordPress theme development.

  • Efficient Working Processes
  • Security Best Practices Followed
  • Search Engine Optimisation in Mind
  • Accessibility Taken Into Consideration
  • Pricing Very Competitive
  • Excellent Knowledge of Available Plugins

The Costs

Unlike other areas of the business, it’s extremely difficult to provide costs for WordPress theme development.

If you provide an idea of the size of website that you are looking for, this allows a rough estimate to be provided.

Only once the finer details have been covered, is it possible to provide a more accurate quotation. If each page is packed full of the latest and greatest functionality, the quotation is likely to be considerably more than the original estimate.

KWD IT have written a resource called Website Cost Factors, which provides more information.

If you’re able to provide a very comprehensive project brief, an accurate quotation can be provided before any work is carried out. From experience, this is often an unrealistic expectation.

The finer details are normally ironed out during the process of creating visuals, so before we can provide an accurate quotation, you’d need to accept that a percentage of the rough estimation will be payable for the visuals.

Once the visuals have been approved, the work involved in converting the visuals into a working website can be assessed. If the quotation is accepted, work can commence. Alternatively, visuals can be adjusted to suit your budget.

The Process

Take a look at the steps below, so that you know what to expect by commissioning KWD IT to carry out your WordPress theme development.

  1. Template Development
    1. Templates are developed with placeholder elements and text. A development URL is provided, allowing you to see how the various layouts that are required for your website, will work on real devices, such as your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Content Population
    1. Once the templates have been approved, they’re converted into a fully functional WordPress website, where the content for your website is added.
  3. Go Live and Training
    1. When you’re ready, KWD IT will migrate your website from the development URL, to your live web address. It’s likely you’ll want to be able to make changes to your website, so a training session can be arranged at this stage.


“We’ve already received enough work through the site to cover the costs.”

Warwickshire Masonry

Fay Heatley

Warwickshire Masonary

“Good support without having to wait long for a response.”

Family Martial Arts Classes

Sam Mikulsky

Family Martial Arts

“Really quick turnaround and very pleased with the price.”

Domestic Fit

Gareth Williams

Domestic Fit

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