WordPress Premium Plugin Renewals

The Benefits

Check out the benefits of WordPress Premium Plugin Renewals with KWD IT.

  • Support Queries Can Be Handled Without Your Involvement
  • No More Failed Payments Causing Renewal Failures
  • Only WordPress Plugins That Are in Use Will Get Renewed
  • Installation Included (Setup and Configuration Isn’t Included)
  • Pricing Very Competitive

The Process

Take a look at the steps below, so that you know what to expect by purchasing a WordPress premium plugin renewal through KWD IT.

  1. Make Your Purchase
    1. Purchase your desired WordPress premium plugin from the options above.
  2. Provide Information
    1. KWD IT will make contact with you to obtain the necessary information to get access to your current hosting (If required). Typically within 1 Business Day.
  3. Await Migration
    1. KWD IT will install your WordPress premium plugin and confirm that the installation has taken place.


“We’ve already received enough work through the site to cover the costs.”

Warwickshire Masonry

Fay Heatley

Warwickshire Masonary

“Good support without having to wait long for a response.”

Family Martial Arts Classes

Sam Mikulsky

Family Martial Arts

“Really quick turnaround and very pleased with the price.”

Domestic Fit

Gareth Williams

Domestic Fit


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