WordPress Website Additional Storage

If your website contains a large amount of media, it’s likely that the total storage space required is considerably more than your average website. This increases hosting costs and also backup costs.

KWD IT constantly monitor disk space usage across our servers. If your website exceeds what’s considered an average amount of disk space, you’ll be directed to this page, to purchase additional storage space.

If you’ve been directed to this page, you should have been informed of how much additional disk space you need to purchase. You’ll be able to adjust the quantity, once directed to your shopping basket.

If your website contains a large amount of media, it’s even more important to consider offloading your media to a Content Deliver Network (CDN).

KWD IT use a plugin called WP Offload Media to achieve this. More information on the benefits can be found on the WP Offload Media website.

The WP Offload Media plugin allows your media to be offloaded to various CDN’s, but KWD IT typically favour Amazon S3.

Once the WP Offload Media plugin has been installed and configured, all of the media that your website uses, is moved from our WordPress Website Hosting servers, across to the servers of the chosen CDN.

This process not only speeds things up for the people visiting your website, but it also speeds up the time it takes to carry out development work on your website.

If this sounds of interest, get in touch today!


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