Web Design

Web Design

For small start up businesses, it can be a daunting process getting a new website online, which is why we're starting things off with our web design advertising package. Following on, we have optional extras if you want a bespoke website or the ability to sell online.

Advertising Package from £750

Our web design advertising package, will get you a professional looking website to advertise your services, which functions well and at a reasonable price.

Services include:

  • A project Manager
  • A choice of designs
  • A custom built responsive website
  • Stock photography
  • Content entry
  • Desktop and mobile testing
  • Live web address migration
  • Security, optimisation and backups

Find out more about the Advertising Package here.

Bespoke Upgrade from £450

The bespoke upgrade is for those that want more than just a professional looking website. We can design you a bespoke site that looks totally unique to your business and has been laid out in a way that takes full consideration of your needs.

Services include:

  • Research into your specific design requirements
  • A bespoke design that reflects the research
  • Modifications to meet final requirements

Find out more about the Bespoke Upgrade here.

E-Commerce Add-On from £300

When purchased alongside the advertising package, this will allow you to sell your products or services online.

Services include:

  • Styling e-commerce related pages
  • General settings
  • Tax preferences
  • Delivery requirements
  • Payment methods

Find out more about the E-Commerce Add-On here.