Web Design

Web Design

A website is an important marketing tool in today's digital world. Many consumers consider a business with a website as professional, credible and current.

When looking for Web Design services, there are generally three types of website. Here we’ll discuss the differences and costs between each type.

Brochures Websites

A Brochure Website gives your business an online presence, rather like a digital business card. You can professionally present your services, contact details, location and opening times to your customers. A typical brochure website will cost around £1,300, but if you really cut things back, you could get a website up and running for less than £500.

E-Commerce Websites

An E-Commerce Website allows you to sell your products or services online to your customers. Increase your sales opportunities by offering your customers a simple way to buy online. A typical e-commerce website will cost around £2,300. This includes UK tax rules, a single shipping rule and a single payment method.

Web Applications

A Web Application is more complicated and involves advanced functionality, such as a Membership Area, Job Listing, Booking System etc. The cost for a web application is likely to be a minimum of £1,600, but realistically, it’s likely to be considerably more.

We’ve created a Website Costs Estimation Tool, which you are welcome to use. However, the options within it may be a touch technical. It’s probably more appropriate to arrange a meeting with one of our Team members and they can work through the process with you. Before doing so, check out our Work Flow page, to ensure our way of working meets your requirements.

What other potential costs should I be aware of?

Our Website Costs Estimation Tool covers most of the costs associated with web design and getting your website online. However, there are other corresponding costs that you should be aware of.


We recommend using GSuite, which costs around £4.60 / month per email address.

Migrating Away From Your Current Setup

If you already have a domain, web hosting and/or emails, there’s likely to be a considerable amount of time spent investigating your current setup. Subsequently, we will then help you migrate your services to ourselves. Depending on how much information you can provide, will effect the time taken here. However, you’re typically looking at a cost of around £100.

WordPress Updates

We currently offer a scheme where you can get basic WordPress Updates free of charge, which we would normally charge £45 / year for. More advanced websites (mainly e-commerce) often have customised file overrides. There’s an additional £5 / year per customised file override and it’s rare to have more than 10 overridden files.

Website Changes

If you would like to know how much it would cost to add something to your website at a later date, you should take a look at our Web Design Costs page. Making a change to something you already have on your website should be possible yourself and if we don’t already have a tutorial video on how, we’ll create one for free. If you still prefer we make the change, we charge on an hourly rate and provide an estimate beforehand.

Theme Modernisation

Each year the software on a web server gets updated. Over time, the code within your website will become too old to work on the web server. By carrying out WordPress updates, your theme/plugins remain up to date and won’t have this problem. With a purchased theme, you will pay annual renewal fees of around £50, which fund further developments of the theme, hence the periodic updates. However, for flexibility in regards to web design and functionality, we custom build the themes we use on our websites.  As a result, periodic updates aren’t available in the same way that you will see with a purchased theme.

Regardless of a purchased theme or custom built, after about 4 years, the theme will become too old. At this point, applying fixes for your theme to work with the latest server software isn’t really an appropriate option. As a result, a new more modern theme should be used. Therefore, we expect you to invest some money in modernising your theme about every 4 years. The cost for this is likely to be between £300 and £900 depending on the complexity of your website. This is still considerably cheaper than going down the new website route.