Printed Materials

Printed Materials

Printed materials such as business cards and flyers can really help drive traffic to your website.

KWD IT can help with a variety of printed materials. Every business owner should carry around business cards, ready to pass onto potential customers. You may also want some flyers, leaflets or posters producing, which you can distribute to make people aware of your website.

With printed materials, there are various factors which effect the cost such as: the quantity, single or double sided, the material used to print on, and the amount of information required in the design.

A rough guide for print costs would be...

Business Cards x 500… £50
Flyers x 1,000… £50
Folded Leaflets x 1,000… £150
Posters x 100… £150

In addition to the print costs, there are the costs for the design work. A rough guide for this would be...

Business Cards… £50
Flyers… £75
Folded Leaflets… £150
Posters… £150

Please contact us for any other printed material requirements.

Note: For us to produce printed materials, we require that you already have a digital logo we can access. Please see our Branding page for more information.