Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is an important decision with regards to your website. It will effect; functionality, performance, security, search engine results, and the users experience.

Reasons to host your website with KWD IT?

Full administration access

Avoid restrictions when we’re working on your website, by making sure we have full access.
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Up to date server software

Make sure all the features within your website function as expected.
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Fixed live migration fee

Avoid extra costs due to an insufficient server environment with your web hosting.
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High performance server

Avoid slow loading pages that drive customers away and harm search engine results.
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Daily website backups

Have the ability to restore your website to a previous date, should you need to for any reason.
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Minimal downtime

Avoid users seeing an error message when trying to access your website.
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Free SSL certificates

Have your website running on a secure connection at no extra cost, helping boost search results.
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Domain Names (£50 - £70 / Year)

If you would like us to manage your domain names, we charge £50 / year for UK domain names and £70 / year for international domain name.

Web Hosting (From £60 / Year)

The standard cost for web hosting is £100 / Year or £110 / Year for websites with dynamic content.

An example of a website with dynamic content, would be an e-commerce store with a basket page.
A basket page will be unique to each user and therefore can’t be cached, requiring additional resources from our web server.

If you run your DNS through a Content Delivery Network such as Cloudflare, we’ll offer £30 discount.
We offer this discount, because it dramatically reduces the resources required from our web server.

Confirming renewal of your hosting a month in advance of the renewal date, will get you a further £10 discount.

A typical website on our server consumes no more than 500 MB of disk space.
We charge £10 extra per year for each additional 500 MB used.

Important Information

To protect the security of your website and the security of the other websites on our server, we require the code in all of our websites to be kept up to date. The cost of updating your website is currently £45 / year, but there is an opportunity to waive this fee as explained on our Free Website Updates page.


We would highly recommend using Google Email For Work, which costs £4.60 / month per email account. Email communication is likely to be a key part to your business, so investing in a system which has a reliable delivery method, and a SPAM filter which will save you a huge amount of time, is definitely money well spent. They also provide free phone support that is always available, which is something we cannot offer.