Up To Date Server Software

When a website is hosted on a server that doesn't have up to date software, you'll often find certain functionality within the website either doesn't work correctly, or doesn't work at all.

Without up to date server software, it can be very frustrating when you pay a lot of money for a website, which was working great when you signed it off during the development stage, but once live, various problems start to arise.

At its worst, we’ve seen clients unable to even add new content to their website, but more common issues are backups failing, along with caching and image optimization features not working correctly. If caching and image optimization features aren’t working correctly, your website will be loading slower. As a result, this effects the user experience, which causes you to appear further down in the search results.

As well as issues with functionality, server software that is out of date can result in poor performance and security.

You might think big hosting companies on TV advertising must be using the most up to date software. But, this is often incorrect. Updating server software can cause websites to stop functioning correctly, especially if they are still operating on old code. Therefore, this is why the big hosting companies rarely update their server software. Alternatively, we regularly update the code within our websites. As a result, we keep our server software up to date without any problems.