Free SSL Certificates

You may have noticed that some websites start with http:// whereas others start with https:// and it's an SSL certificate that's required for https:// websites.

Find out more about our free SSL certificates and their benefits, from the information that we’ve provided below.

Websites that start with https:// are on a secure connection and any information passed between the visitors’ computer and the web server, gets encrypted. This was often only considered a requirement if you were handling payment details directly, and was also recommended when handling any kind of personal data.

In recent years, Google has started to push towards a safer internet, by favouring websites that operate on a secure connection in their search results. This means that if you value your position in Google’s search results, it’s essential that your website has an SSL certificate and operates on an https:// connection, regardless of what type of website you have.

More importantly, if your website transmits personal data, such as via a contact form, as of 25th May 2018, the change in GDPR requirements has also made it essential that your website has an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates used to be expensive and a pain to set up, but a company called Lets Encrypt are offering self-signed free SSL certificates, and we will also set them up at no extra cost.

A lot of hosting companies are still charging lots of money for SSL certificates, along with their time to install them.

Premium SSL certificates do have their advantages and it’s sometimes worth paying for a Premium SSL certificate. In most circumstances, a free self-signed SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt will be sufficient enough to stop your website being marked as insecure.