Below is a selection of news articles that we’ve written, which we feel are important to our industry. We highly recommend checking back frequently for more news, which could really benefit you and your website.

Uploading Videos

High-Quality Videos Can Be Invaluable to Engage Your Audience A creative video which tells your story can be a perfect marketing tool, especially if you are promoting a global service. In our ever-changing digital world, online engagement and social media is the norm and time is of the essence. Although the audience is more accessible,... Read more »

Website in a Week: Case Study – Domestic Fit

Want to Know How You Can Have an Affordable, Responsive and Modern Website in a Week? With the launch of our latest project, we thought we would share the story of building a website in a week. Domestic Fit contacted KWD-IT at the start of last week to ask for a website. Domestic Fit have been... Read more »

Competition Winner – The Case Study

Competition Winner...Jenny Bevan of Contentment Sleep Coaching! With the launch of, we thought we would look back on the journey with our Competition Winner. September 2017 KWD-IT rebranded in September last year. With our designer Natalie on board full time, we were ready to launch our new website. We set out meeting local businesses... Read more »

Making Your Website GDPR Compliant

First of all, we need to be clear that we are not lawyers. Although we can offer advice, we cannot accept responsibility for the information within this article. We advise that you have a legal team check that you’re GDPR compliant. Secondly, this article discusses GDPR compliancy with regards to your website only. You should… Read more »

Your Guide to Website Hosting…

Confused about what Website Hosting Actually is? Here at KWD IT, we are keen to support our clients, offering as much information about the process of designing, building, and maintaining a website. Below we have outlined the key points you need to know about website HOSTING. Whether you are considering having a new website, a... Read more »

Case Study: Deja-Vu Just for You E-commerce Website

Case study from the KWD-it team discussing their latest project on an E-commerce website for Deja-Vu Just for you. September 2017 Michelle from Deja-Vu approached us in September 2017. Initially we spoke over the phone, and she explained that she currently runs a successful business selling ladies products, including; scarves, jewellery and bags, within a rented... Read more »

Running an E-Commerce Website – A Basic Guide

If you are considering setting up an E-commerce website, be sure to check out our areas for consideration, as a basic guide, to get you off to a good start.

How to Write Good Website Content: A Beginners Guide

Our top 10 tips for beginners on writing good website content So you've decided to market your business online, good work! Now the design and build is taken care of, what is next..good website content! What is 'content'? Website content is the textual, visual, or audio components your users experience when they visit your website.... Read more »

Why Chose a Local Web Design Company?

..using a local web design company will help you get the best results, for an affordable price, whilst building local relationships and connections.

Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends – What are the web design trends coming up in 2018 to attract your audience? Check out 5 of the most important web design trends in this article. Daring shapes and Colours Brutalism is making an appearance within the world of web design. That well known clean and polished look, is being... Read more »

Website Benefits -12 Reasons You Need a Website

Website Benefits – Check out our 12 reasons detailed in this article, as to why your business needs a website, and how you will benefit from it. 1. Generate Sales Website Benefits Any successfully run business will have competitors to be aware of, and ahead of. If your competitors are ahead of the game online,... Read more »

Christmas 2017

We're taking a break from tutorials and have created something with Christmas Cheer to end the Year. We had a little help with this one from our friends at Kenilworth businesses. #12daysofchristmas

Have your Dropbox website backups stopped working?

Does your WordPress website use a plugin, that backs your site up to a Dropbox account? If so, there's a chance your Dropbox website backups may have stopped working last week, if your plugin hasn't been updated in a while. Here at KWD IT, we use BackWPup and we choose to store our backups using Dropbox.... Read more »

Is my New Website ready to…Go Live?

Whether it’s a brand new website you are eagerly awaiting, or a redesign of you current website, understandably, you are keen to receive a ‘Go Live’ date from your Project Manager, but is your website ready? It is widely assumed that once designs have been approved, and content has been handed over, it’s only a... Read more »

Why would hackers target my small business?

As the owner of a small business, you may be surprised to discover that website hackers are interested in all websites; however big or small your business may be. It is commonly thought that running a small business with an online presence, does not leave you open to the possibilities of hacking, as website hackers must... Read more »

Ten Essential Questions Before Building Your Website

Here at KWD IT, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions that should be asked, before having a new website built. This will ensure you get the most out of your new website and that it performs to your expectations. 1. What does your business actually do? This is a great starting point for both... Read more »