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Winning Workshop by SunflowerVA

A Winning Workshop - 'Marketing on a Shoestring Budget' by SunflowerVA Amanda Morris from SunflowerVA is a local expert in... Read more »

Uploading Videos

High-Quality Videos Can Be Invaluable to Engage Your Audience A creative video which tells your story can be a perfect... Read more »

Website in a Week: Case Study – Domestic Fit

Want to Know How You Can Have an Affordable, Responsive and Modern Website in a Week? With the launch of... Read more »

Making Your Website GDPR Compliant

First of all, we need to be clear that we are not lawyers. Although we can offer advice, we cannot… Read more »

Your Guide to Website Hosting…

Confused about what Website Hosting Actually is? Here at KWD IT, we are keen to support our clients, offering as... Read more »

Case Study: Deja-Vu Just for You E-commerce Website

Case study from the KWD-it team discussing their latest project on an E-commerce website for Deja-Vu Just for you. September 2017... Read more »

Running an E-Commerce Website – A Basic Guide

If you are considering setting up an E-commerce website, be sure to check out our areas for consideration, as a basic guide, to get you off to a good start.

How to Write Good Website Content: A Beginners Guide

Our top 10 tips for beginners on writing good website content So you've decided to market your business online, good... Read more »

Why Chose a Local Web Design Company?

..using a local web design company will help you get the best results, for an affordable price, whilst building local relationships and connections.

Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends – What are the web design trends coming up in 2018 to attract your audience? Check out... Read more »

Website Benefits -12 Reasons You Need a Website

Website Benefits – Check out our 12 reasons detailed in this article, as to why your business needs a website,... Read more »

Christmas 2017

We're taking a break from tutorials and have created something with Christmas Cheer to end the Year. We had a... Read more »

Have your Dropbox website backups stopped working?

Does your WordPress website use a plugin, that backs your site up to a Dropbox account? If so, there's a... Read more »

Is my New Website ready to…Go Live?

Whether it’s a brand new website you are eagerly awaiting, or a redesign of you current website, understandably, you are... Read more »

Why would hackers target my small business?

As the owner of a small business, you may be surprised to discover that website hackers are interested in all... Read more »

Ten Essential Questions Before Building Your Website

Here at KWD IT, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions that should be asked, before having a new website... Read more »