Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018Web Design Trends – What are the web design trends coming up in 2018 to attract your audience? Check out 5 of the most important web design trends in this article.

Daring shapes and Colours

Brutalism is making an appearance within the world of web design. That well known clean and polished look, is being fazed out for a more rough and rugged look. The use of unusual and unpredictable geometrical shapes and daring colour combinations are the latest web design trends. Only the boldest of web designers will be comfortable using this trend however.

Mobile First

Still unsure where your target market are browsing? Well, 2017 saw Android over-take Windows in the race for primary web-browsing. This indicates that there is an ever-growing demographic of mobile users out there for you to continue targeting. Although desktops and tablets still demonstrate higher conversion rates, smartphone users tend to spend around 90 percent of their time on apps rather than browsers. It may still be a smart move to invest in making your website mobile-first.

Authentic Content

If you want your website to stand out above the rest, uniqueness could be the key to your success. With around 1.3 billion websites available to browse, you want to make sure you tailor your content to demonstrate your authenticity. Generic images and illustration can be viewed as a safe option which gets results. However, with competition so high, uniqueness could offer you the edge you need to impact your customers.

Homepage Videos

Have you considered introducing videos to your website? Well, why not follow the new web design trends of so many companies and include one right on your homepage. Conversion-rate statistics suggest that offering videos to your audience first and foremost, can increase your customer engagement dramatically. However, for this technique to be effective, your video needs to be of high quality, which can make it rather expensive.

Hand Crafted Design

With the ever-growing number of websites out there to browse, how are you going to stand successfully above the rest? Within the ‘generic versus unique’ argument, Hand Crafted Design offers a solution worth considering. Opting for a free template appears to be a carefully considered choice, however you may lose business as a result of your generic look. Perhaps a more considered design will have more impact on your audience than the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Web Design Trends Overall..

With all aspects of design, the main aim is to attract the attention of your audience. It would seem that we are moving towards web design trends which many professionals would consider ‘ugly’. This last year however, has seen the ‘ugly’ trends succeed where others have failed. It may therefore be worthwhile embracing these changed circumstances in the world of web design, to avoid getting left behind.

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